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Friday, April 11, 2014

Does anyone know economical Dental Clinic for braces then virtus Dental clinic in Salmiya

Dental braces for children and adults starts from Kd 760.
Scaling kd 25
Bleaching or whitening kd 50
Crown zirconium Kd 110
Implant with crown kd 300
Braces fixing kd 760

Are they any dental clinic in Kuwait providing better service at still better price ?

Please write your suggestions in comments.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Got crown capped in India on root canal treated tooth for less then KD 10

During vacation this year in India I got my root canal treated tooth crowned with cap for Rs 1800/- only and as per today's exchange rate of 1KD = Rs 215, it costed me around KD 8.500 . This whole process was completed in 2 sittings in 3days.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Root Canal Treatment in Salmiya Clinic ( Government )

This is my personal experience and many might have still better experience or bad.

Last Friday, while visiting Friday market, I suddenly felt spasm of pain in my jaw and I thought my wisdom tooth had given up.

On Sunday morning around 9:30am I went to Salmiya clinic on 1st floor couldn't find anyone at reception around 25 patients  were sitting in lounge. Enquired with x-ray technician and asked me to go and get a token from Room No.2, and she gave me a token after handing over her KD 1 stamp.

My turn came at 12pm ( it was tough to sit patiently) and luckily my doctor was an arab lady, who could speak english. She did a visual check and couldn't find any thing wrong and she referred me to get an X-ray done. After checking x-ray, she said it needs root canal treatment and for this you will have to come multiple times, I agreed as i didn't have any choice.

On the same day after giving injection she started the treatment of cleaning the pulp, she prescribed Anti-biotics and pain killer and  asked me to come again anytime with the x-ray for further procedure for scaling of teeths ( cleaning of gums ) and to fill up a small cavity.

For two day I couldn't make it luckily on Wednesday afternoon i went to clinic again around 2:45pm and I asked for same Doctor and luckily found her. My turn came at 5pm.

After finishing the procedure she asked me to come tomorrow morning for Root canal therapy. Every thursday morning Endodontist visits the clinics and previews the xrays and gives another date. I just tried to reach before 7am and found around 50 people outside the gate and almost all of the came for root canal treatment.

My turn came around 9am and within 2 mins they gave me another appointment. If you are getting good salary in Kuwait then I would definetly recommend  to get this treatment in private dental clinic like ( Bayan, Dentalspa, etc)

Will update at later date.

One thing I can say the Doctors are really trying to do a good job, just that the administrative staff needs better training in their job and little politeness in their nature.

Updated on 06 August 2013