Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Indian Currency in doldrums 1 KD = Rs 239.074 today @ 11am on 28 August 2013

Indian rupees is all time low and the best rate provided in kuwait is by Muzaini exchange.

It's bad for Gulf NRI's as their value of previous investments and savings in India is losing value and recession is sure to come in as foreign invetsors are running away from India.

As recently one of minister's from Kerala was rejoicing on this, I personally think its a loss for All.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Today's offer at sheeel and Mobile 2000

Today's special offer of Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE @ Kd 169.900 Fils only

Call 24750000 for latest prices
Mobile 2000 offer is as below

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Latest prices of Samsung Galaxy smartphones

Galaxy Ace 5830  Kd 42
Galaxy 5570 mini Kd 32
Galaxy Y 5360 kd 28
Galaxy FamevS6810 kd 47
Galaxy pocket S5301 kd 24
Galaxy S Duos S7562 kd 65
Galaxy w wonder I8150 Kd 58       
Galaxy S III mini 77kd
Mega Kd 133
S4 mini 115kd
S4 mini Duos kd 133

Subway Daily Special @ KD1.500 meal

Subway Fast food offers a meal with 6" Sandwich for KD 1.500fils only

Nathans HotDog Sandwich for Kd 0.250 fils only

Nathan's Hot Dog Sandwich at old price of Kd 0.250 Fils only.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Got crown capped in India on root canal treated tooth for less then KD 10

During vacation this year in India I got my root canal treated tooth crowned with cap for Rs 1800/- only and as per today's exchange rate of 1KD = Rs 215, it costed me around KD 8.500 . This whole process was completed in 2 sittings in 3days.

PACI - Civil ID Card office -South Surra

After launching of Smartcard civil id, there is heavy rush as most of the residents Latin name is missing, as they are printing the name on smartcard even in English. Before in old civil id cards it was completely Arabic. They are forcing all the residents to change their photo every few years.

If you want to process your paper-work faster go to Jahra office, Salwa co-operative or Liberation Tower branch.

Paci office in South Surra during Ramadan