Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lowest Price for Indian Rupee in History - 1KD = Rs 200

Today show the lowest price of Indian rupees and its good news for Expat to transfer now, before RBI take major step.
1 US Dollar = Rs 55.92

Muzaini shows today's price as

Monday, May 14, 2012

Gold price in Kuwait

Found Gold price in Kuwait is 0.200fils per gram expensive then Dubai.

Making charges are also high in Kuwait.
Now is the right time time to buy Gold as the price is dipping, never know when it might come up.
Today 14May 2012 - price KD 13.600 per gram for 22K gold & 24K gold is KD 14.100
In Dubai it's 176.5 AED for 22K gold.
Best source for gold rates are - or .

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Car passing in Kuwait - Renewing Daftar

Car passing in Kuwait is a smooth process for new model car owners. If you buy a new car there is no need of Car passing for three years.

Checklist of major things the Car Passing Inspectors checks
1) Smoke - Black / White, make sure you don't have any type of smoke.
2) Color - Colour of Car - specially bumpers & roof.
3) Lights - Brake lights, Headlights & signal lights
4) WindScreen - Crack free
5) Tinted Glass & Stickers - Remove them if you are an expat.  Kuwaiti's are exceptional :)

The best time for Expats is to get it checked @ 4pm in any of the muroors, as for expats they don't process your papers in morning. The best Muroor is Subhan & the worst is Jabriya & Shuwaikh.

Kuwaiti's can complete their paper processing at Citizen Service Office loacted at many places in Kuwait.

After they passed the car, make sure you pay any traffic violations through internet for less headache. Incase you don't have Internet access & have to process your papers in Maidan Hawally (the cashier is missing most of the time), you will be at the mercy of  a Kiosk by enet, operated by a heavily face powdered filipino for a charge of .250Fils and you need to provide your own Knet card.

Then Finally your Daftar ( Car registration paper) will be recieved and relax for one year.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Car Polish cost KD 8/- in Sharq, Kuwait

Sharq, Kuwait - Car polishing cost KD 8/-.
If you know any cheaper place, please add it in your comments.

Sun goggles / Optical frames for only KD 5

Usually Optical frames are very expensive in Kuwait, this is a nice offer for summer.