Friday, March 29, 2013

Bye Bye Credit Cards and say Welcome to Prepaid Cards

In Kuwait Credit card charges are quite high and a yearly subscription cost is around KD 30/- for MasterCard and about KD 35/- for Visa and pay hefty interest rate.

The solution is prepaid credit cards and it cost yearly only KD 5/-. Whenever you plan to use it, just login, add the amount in your card from your account and I find it more safer and more cheaper.

Why safer, in wake of so many credit card scams, we will not be duped.

Update: Current local banks Internet prepaid Visa card annual fees is Ten KD.

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  1. Thanks for the above article, I went to NBK in Shamiya branch and got my internet prepaid visa card and now the yearly charges id KD 10/- .
    I would give 5 stars to the NBK customer service ratings.