Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mc Donald's Ice cream cone for 100Fils - Best Value for Money in Kuwait

Mc Donald's is selling Vanilla / Choclate ice cream cone for only 100 Fils in Kuwait, as summer time is Ice cream time for all of us.

Fresh Camel Milk in Kuwait

Fresh Camel Milk is sold in Kuwait for KD 1.250 fils / litre and for sure most of you would love to taste it aleast once in your life during our stay in Kuwait.

Location: Just take immediate turn on right after London shopping centre / Honest Centre and right turn and few metres ahead you will see a shop by name Kingdom Dates, Opp to this date shop there is a road, where you will find couple of shops selling Camel Milk.

Incase you want it to be delivered at home then call - 97835318 / 66505623 / 67034078

Monday, June 20, 2011

Replica Lacoste bags in Kuwait

Found Bait awladona in Kuwait selling fake / replica Lacoste bags in all their branches in kuwait for kd 3.900 only.

Special Offer for Sea Cargo or Air Cargo from Supreme Express, Kuwait

Found Supreme Cargo in Kuwait, Mirgab, Maliya, Fahaheel has special offer.
No Insurance, No Documents, No Seaport Tax.

0.350 Fils by Sea
0.750 Fils by Air

Offer till 25th June 2011.

Mirgab - 224 72 363, 22 492 970, 994 95 786
Maliya - 224 77 810, 971 03 099
Fahaheel - 239 17 001, 974 48 427, 979 29 786

Save money on Car batteries in Kuwait - ACDelco

When you are replacing your Car batteries in Kuwait,  get a resale value of your old battery from KD 2/- to KD 3/- dinars, any make. Usually the local Kuwait garage people just take it free of cost or just reduce the new battery price by 1 Kd.

AC Delco battery NH 50 costed me KD 17/- and got KD 2/- for my old battery, so finally it costed me KD 15/-. Is it a good bargain ? let me know.